Two Piles of Coins! | Riddle #11

Hello everyone, and welcome back to another riddle!  I want to start this week off with a brain teaser.  We go back to the country of “Houndation” (get it, because ‘Houndation’ has the word ‘hound’ in it?  Yeah, never mind…).

Can you solve the riddle of the 100 coins, two piles?

You are walking down the streets in the country of “Houndation”.  You were about to walk into the best donut shop in the city when a shady character pulls you aside.  He introduces himself as Henry.  Henry says that he is a “Scout” for his boss, Mr. Pointer.  Henry says he wants you to play one of Mr. Pointer’s infamous “games”.  You decide to accept, besides your better judgement.

A car pulls up, and both you and Henry jump into the vehicle.  You drive to a large studio and walk inside the large building.  You are told by the receptionist to walk into Studio 9 by yourself.  Hesitantly, you do what you are told.

Once you are inside Studio 9, you find yourself in complete darkness.  A voice speaks over a speaker system above:

“Welcome Participant!  There are 100 coins on a table in the room.  90 of the coins are ‘heads up’, while 10 coins are ‘tales up’.   You are not able to see, feel or distinguish what side is faced up on the coins.  Now place the 100 coins into 2 separate piles.  The coins can be divided into the piles in any variation (like 50/50, 25/75, 4/96, etc.) as long as all 100 coins are separated.  Your goal is to have an equal amount of ‘tales up’ coins in both of the piles.  You can flip the coins as much as you wish, but you still can’t see which side is facing up.  If you succeed in winning the game, you will win all the valuable coins!

Good luck!”

Can you win the 100 coin puzzle?  Is there a method where you can guarantee a win 100% of the time, without breaking any of the rules?

Put your answer in the comment section below, and tell me any ideas you have on what The Thinking Hound should write about next!

Thanks for reading, and I will be back later this week!

Last Riddle’s answer key: Here!

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