The Stolen Phone at the Tennis Court | Riddle #1

Hello everyone!

It is time to solve the first ever riddle/mystery on The Thinking Hound!  Although, most riddles/mysteries utilize deductive reasoning, this riddle is purely deductive reasoning.

Deductive Reasoning: Deductive reasoning is the process of rationalizing one or more premises (facts, truths, evidence, etc.) to reach a logical solution that is currently unsolved.

In this puzzle, you will be given a few statements, an underlying truth, and then you will have to decipher what is true from the information given.

Can you solve the stolen phone at the tennis court riddle?  Put your answer in the comment section below…Good luck!

You are playing tennis with three of your co-workers (Jen, James, and Jake).  You had set your phone down on a bench while you played.  Nobody else had came by the tennis court the entire time you and your co-workers were playing tennis.  However, after you were done playing, your phone was missing.  One of your co-workers had stolen your phone, but which one did it?  You asked each co-worker, and this is what they said about the missing phone:

Jake said, “I didn’t steal it!”.
Jen said, “I didn’t steal it!”.
James said, “Jen stole it!”.

You know that one of your co-workers is telling the truth, while two are lying.

Which co-worker is telling the truth?

Which co-worker stole your phone?


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7 thoughts on “The Stolen Phone at the Tennis Court | Riddle #1

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  1. I am lousy at these things, but I’ll bite.

    James is innocent because he’s the only one who didn’t mention it was stolen. It WAS missing after all.

    Lemme think I got it right, coo? 😉


  2. Jake stole it.

    One is telling the truth. That would be Jen, who said, “I didn’t steal it”.
    Two are lying. Both Jake and James lied. Jake said, “I didn’t steal it.” LIE ……..and James, who said, “Jen stole it.”. LIE.

    Reid “Dutch Lion”

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