The Future of The Thinking Hound | Update Post

Hey everybody!  I hope you all have had an excellent week!

If you haven’t read my post from earlier this week, comparing music to drugs, here is it that post!

In this post, I do not have a riddle or interesting fact to discuss.  Rather, I just wanted to write and give an update of The Thinking Hound blog.

What We Have Done So Far

I created the Thinking Hound, and started writing about puzzles, riddles and hypothetical questions.  However, as time has gone on, I started writing more on interesting facts and riddles.

Originally, I did not draw and make my own header photos, but now it is one of my favorite parts of writing a post!  I now have a little mascot doggo!  Even though I am far from an artist, I will continue to draw more quirky header photos.

I created two videos so far, one was an introduction, and another was about the liar’s paradox.

At the time I am writing this, the community is at an astounding 176 strong!  I am so happy that you all have decided that this strange blog was worth a follow! 

Moving Forward

So I have enjoyed blogging on The Thinking Hound, and want to continue to do many of the same things.  However, I have been busy over the last few months, which has lead to an inconsistent upload schedule.

Originally, my goal has been to have 2 posts per week (Mondays and Fridays).  I have hit and missed this mark on many occasions, and my inconsistency has left me and probably a lot of you, frustrated.

The good news is that next week should be my last “busy” week for a long time!  Obviously, I cannot predict the future, but at the moment, I should have a lot more time on my hands after next week is over!

This means more content, and hopefully, better content!

Here is my new upload schedule, which will start at the end of May or beginning of June:

  • Monday – New Riddle/puzzle
  • Wednesday – Interesting Facts
  • Friday – Funny stories/opinions

Yes, that means three posts a week!  I have not done that many posts on The Thinking Hound so far, so it intimidates me a little bit.  This schedule could change, however, if I find out that I do not have enough time or if other days prove to be a better fit for everyone.  Also, the content itself can change as well, If you all wish for something new or different!

I also want to write more content for videos in the future, and have some unique and interesting ‘mysteries’ that could have in-depth lore and dramatization.

However, that is just the plan at the moment!  What do you think?  I would love to hear any ideas, thoughts or opinions that you all have on the future of the blog!  Since I am limited to my own thoughts and ideas, I would love to hear any new, unique and creative ideas that could benefit and make the blog better!

As I said above, I am gone in Texas all next week.   I will try my best to post something next week!  I hope you all have a great weekend, and remember to do WLYF!

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