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Yes, that is right, everyone.  I am finally back, after months of inactivity on this blog.  Literally, my last post on the blog was in June, over 6 months ago.  Conveniently enough, my last post was about a jelly fish who was immortal, because obviously, this blog is neither immortal or consistent.

So what happened?  Why did I abandon the blogosphere?  And more importantly, why am I back?  That is what this post, and perhaps more posts to come, will be about.

Firstly, what happened?  If you are like the majority of people, you probably forgot that this blog existed and are only now remembering that there was a blog with bad drawings and poor humor in the past.  So let me fill you in on the details of what has happened on this blog in the past few months.

6 months ago, in June, I posted my last blog post, which was a totally normal post that had no significance or finality.  If I knew that I was not going to post for the next 6 months, I probably would have choose a different post to sign off with.

After that last post, my views dropped dramatically (as they should), because I suddenly stopped posting, without warning to anyone.  During this time, I did receive a few new follows (thank you, by the way), but I do not really know why anyone would follow a dead blog.  Because lets be honest, that is what this blog has been for the past half-year.

Also, another reason why my blog also disappeared is that I recently changed credit cards, which caused the automatic renewal of my domain name and plan to fail.

The other reason, and perhaps the largest reason why I stopped blogging, is because I got a call from the secret service that they needed me to save the world from a rapid horde of nuclear-equipped monkeys!

Wait, that didn’t happen…

What did happen was that I ramped up the amount of college classes I am taking, along with taking other tests, which is similar to the nuclear monkeys-of-mass-destruction, but not quite.

I know that being busy is a lame excuse, but that is exactly what happened.

Thusly, my blog spiraled into a void of dead blogs and oblivion.  If anyone looked at my blogged over the last few months, they would have said out loud, “By golly!  This blog is dead and will forever be dead!”.

But they would be wrong!  I am back and ready to write about anything and everything.

Am I busy still?  Yes.

Am I going to write everyday?  No.  No, I will not.

However, what I do want is to keep this blog alive.  Whether that means I write twice a week, once a week or even once a month, I want to be more dedicated to this blog and the community of followers I have gathered over the years.  Plus, I really enjoy writing on the blog and want to continue to do so.

Will I continue to write about what I did in the past?  Sort of.  If you mean that I will be completely random about what I write about, then you would probably be right.

However, one major difference you may notice in the future, is that I will be less scared and more willing to write about what I want to write about, not what I feel I should write about.  I know, it is a scary thought in today’s ultra-sensitive world.

Anyways, I am glad to be back and writing.

See you next month (more or less)!

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