The Blob that Never Dies! | The Immortal Jellyfish

When I was younger, I used to want to live forever.  Being immortal was a dream, and I think most of us have thought this way at one point in our lives.

However, when I grew up, I realized that living forever would be a mistake.  I saw enough movies, and old people to realize that aging is not fun, and that life would be pointless with immortality.  Without death, life would lose its inherent value.  I am not saying death is fun, but rather that immortality is less fun.

I must admit, however, that I, Bassett, has found the secret to immortality!  Apparently, all you need to do is revert your age!

It is that simple…at least, according to a Turritopsis dohrnii, a breed of jellyfish.

This jellyfish is actually able to live forever!

That is not a typo…this little blob doesn’t die!  Often nicknamed the immortal jellyfish, this little guy is able to revert time itself (in a way).

So how does it work?  What would you have to do to live forever, just like this jellyfish?  Well, it is a little weird and unique, So lets just dive in:

Mediterranean Grown and Researched

So there are many different types of jellyfish from many different areas, but the immortal jellyfish comes specifically from the Mediterranean.  That is where they live, and that is where they are caught!

Yes, caught!  Because how else would you be able to analyze immortal sea-Jello, except in a lab?

The jellyfish are caught and study in a controlled, lab environment.  That is how we found out the jellyfish lasts forever.

Reproduce, then De-Aging?

This little jellyfish has only two jobs…reproduce, and gentle floating!  Thus, is the life of the jellyfish!

Who wouldn’t want to do that for all of eternity?  Well, this little round mush wants to, hence why it does!

The immortal jellyfish grows up from birth, and becomes a mature jellyfish and makes more immortal baby-jellies!  Then, when that ‘business’ is over, instead of dying like everything else, it decides to ‘De-Age’.

To reverse its age, the jellyfish goes “under the sea”.  It does a weird thing with its tentacles, rolls up and reverts back to the juvenile stage.  It goes back to its earliest life stages, and ‘grows up’ all over again.


Oh, this jelly-belly doesn’t just de-age once, it can do it as many times as it wants (which is always)!

Ageless, but not invincible 

According to researchers, this little bubble-fubble will always live, as long as it is able to revert back to its early stage.  What would cause the immortal jellyfish not to reinstate the de-aging process of eternity?  There are two main causes!

The first is disease.  If our jelly friend gets a bad cold or fish-flu, it could experience death.

The second is predators.  Apparently, other fish like to have a jellyfish for a snack.  Ocean life isn’t the safest place for a jellyfish.

So yeah, the immortal jellyfish is literally (as far as science has discovered) ageless!  Do bad things happen to these jellyfish?  Of course!  It is the ocean!

So maybe instead of subscribing to health magazines, and workout guides that promise to make you live longer, perhaps we could learn something from the immortal jellyfish (I don’t know what, but something)!

But what do you think about the immortal jellyfish?  I did not know about it until researching for this post, but I found it very interesting.

But that is all for now!  Thanks for all the support, and remember to do WLYF!

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  1. Jellyfish are such fascinating creatures. They don’t have brains but still have reflexes. They are considered animals while venus fly traps aren’t. The specific breed you talked about in the post has the life cycle of a phoenix. (Like you, I wouldn’t want to live forever either.)

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