The Choice Between 2 Superpowers | Hypothetical Question

Hello there, I hope you are having a wonderful week!  This morning, I had to wake up early, and go to the gym.  As I was driving, I was thinking, “Wouldn’t it be nice if there was some way I could get to the gym faster?”.   However, I also knew that the gym would be busy (since it was a Monday), so I also was wishing that there was some way I could kind of sneak around without being seen, because nobody needs to see me sweat, while I workout.  Anyways, I thought of this hypothetical question for you today:

You were walking down the street, heading towards your favorite coffee shop.  All was going well until, suddenly, 2 bulky guys in suits jump out from a dark alleyway and grab you.  A black limousine drives up to the curb, and you are forced into the backseat of the car.  A man is sitting in the backseat, on the opposite side of you and the two bulky men.  The man says he is from a secret agency that works for the government.  They have been watching you, and have decided that you are the perfect person for their new secret group.  The man says that the government has developed a serum that gives a person superpowers.  At the moment, the government has two separate serums that each have their own specific superpower.

One serum has the power of invisibility, making the person invisible whenever they wish.  The other serum has the power of teleportation.  You are offered to take one of the serums to become the first superhuman in the world.  Which serum do you take?  Invisibility or Teleportation?

Firstly, everything can be assumed to be the truth.

Secondly, both serums will not hurt, or harm you.  There are no negative or harmful drawbacks with either serum.

Thirdly, the invisibility serum does not mean you can phase through physical objects.  You still maintain your physical form/mass, but you just become invisible.

Fourthly, the teleportation serum only teleports you, what you are wearing, and any inanimate objects that you can pick up and grip in your hands.  You cannot teleport other people, or items that are too heavy for you to pick up.  Teleportation is almost instantaneous, and only works on earth.

What do you think?  Put your answers in the comment section below!  I am a teleportation man myself, although I wouldn’t mind being invisible.  Anyways, don’t be invisible to “The Thinking Hound”, so remember to teleport back here for some more content later on this week.  See you all then!

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