The End-Year Review of the Thinking Hound | 2018 Recap

Hey, everyone!  Since it is the last day of the year, I thought I should write about 3 things that have happened over the past year.  So here we go:

The end of one blog, the start of this blog (Restart)

The biggest event that happened to me in the blogosphere was the end of my old blog, Sports Reaction (SR), and the start of this blog, The Thinking Hound.  I got burnt out on writing about sports…all…the…time.  I actually miss writing about sports a little bit, since my home team, the Kansas City Chiefs, have just clinched the first seed in the playoffs…but I digress.  The Thinking Hound offers me more freedom, and landscape over what I can write, which I find more enjoyable, and less stressful then when I felt pressured to write about certain stuff with Sports Reaction.

Drawing my own header photos (Restyle)

A new thing that I just started doing for my past few articles has been drawing my header photos, instead of searching, and looking for photos on the internet.  They may not be pretty, or show any form of talent, but that is sort of the point of them.  It reminds me of a child-like simplicity, where it does not matter if it looks like a Picasso, or scribbles on paper.  Plus, they do not take hours to make, and there are no copyright issues, unlike what other internet photos may bring.

Over 50 followers, and nearly 150 likes (Regrowth)

This is my 12th post written on The Thinking Hound, and I announced its existence 2 months ago.  So I am happy with the start The Thinking Hound has had.  The community is starting to build and take shape, which is great.  The numbers themselves do not mean much to me, since numbers are just numbers.  It is what the numbers show that I find encouraging.  Most of you did not have to follow The Thinking Hound, but you did anyways.  And for that, I am grateful.  I will try to do my best in the upcoming year.

I just wanted to write a brief overview of the past year.  The Thinking Hound has not existed long enough to provide in-depth analysis of past events, but if anything, I am happy for 2019!  Hopefully we all will grow as people, and will have fun in the process.

Follow to keep up to date with all the new projects I have in store for the upcoming year.  And remember, be the best that you can possibly be, and do WLYF!

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