The New Experimental System to Predict Every NFL Playoff Game!

Every time I drive Sunday morning, two guys with thick, New Jersey accents blare through my radio, and talk about how they are the best sports gamblers in the world, and that they have a system that allows them to predict every football game correctly!

Although I am not a gambler, I do like sports.  As most of you already know, I used to have a sports blog before this blog.  And my favorite sport to watch is football, and more specifically, the NFL.

This weekend is the Divisional Round in the NFL playoffs, and my favorite NFL team (the Kansas City Chiefs), are playing Saturday versus the Indianapolis Colts.  Three other playoff games are being played over the weekend, and millions of people are trying to find the “Perfect System” to predict each NFL game.

Well, I am tired of having to pay money to find out what these “Other Systems” are.  So, instead of wasting my precious money, I decided to create my own system, that is absolutely FREE, and EASY TO USE!

What is the System?

The best, and most sure-fire way to predict the winner of the playoff games this weekend is to know which team has the better kicker.  Whichever team has got the better kicker, will automatically win in the playoffs!  In the Wildcard round of the playoffs, kickers had a large impact in almost every game, so I am going to predict each game off of this system.

Also, I will be determining which kicker is better by completion percentage of field goals made throughout the season.  I will also try to predict by how many points a team will beat another team based on the difference between the completion percentage.

Editor Note: This may, or may not be a satire off of predictive systems.  The Thinking Hound does not support the betting of any material (money or otherwise), based on this untested system.

Colts Vs. Chiefs

Colts Kicker (Adam Vinatieri): Vinatieri is in his 40’s, and has been to many playoff games and super bowls.  However, this last season was not his best, with his Field Goal percentage at 85%.

Chiefs Kicker (Harrison Butker):  Butker is younger, and had a good rookie season, and broke many of the Chiefs records.  He has taken a slight step back this season, but he also has not had as many opportunities to kick this season.  Completion percentage at 89%.

Winner: Chiefs.  I am purely going by the stats, and Butker has had a better completion rate than future hall-of-famer Adam Vinatieri.  Also, since Butker has a 4% higher completion percentage than Vinatieri, that means the Chiefs will win by 4 points

Cowboys Vs. Rams

Rams Kicker (Greg Zuerlein): Zuerlein has been good this season, completing 87 percent of his field goals.

Cowboys Kicker (Brett Maher): Maher had some big shoes to fill, but did a good enough job, completing 81% of his field goals.

Winner: Rams.  Zuerlein completed 6% more of his field goals than Maher, thus the Rams will win by 6 points.

Chargers Vs. Patriots

Chargers Kicker (Michael Badgley):  The Chargers, in the past, have had the worst luck with kickers.  But now, it seems they have found a realible kicker in Badgley, who completed 94% of his field goals so far.

Patriots Kicker (Stephen Gostkowski):  Gostkowski has been a top tier kicker for years, ever since he replaced Vinatieri in New England.  However, he had some trouble this year, even missing an extra point kick.  His completion percentage is 84% for the season.

Winner:  Chargers.  The Chargers upset the Patriots by 10 points, sealing the end of the Patriots dynasty, because of their superior kicker.

Eagles Vs. Saints

Eagles Kicker (Jake Elliot):  Elliot had a large moment last season, where he kicked a field goal over 60 yards.  Even though he did not eclipse a 60 yard field goal this season, he still completed 84% of his field goals.

Saints Kicker (Will Lutz):  Lutz may not be a name you have really heard much about, even though he is the kicker for the top seeded team in the NFC.  Lutz has performed as one of the best, even without the recognition.  Lutz completed 93% of his field goals with the Saints this season.

Winner: Saints.  The Saints end the magic of Nick Foles, and win by 9 points, a solid win.

So there you go!  The brand new system that will shock the world!  Watch out for each of these games, and comment below who you think will win this weekend!  And do not worry, I will go back to the normal “Thinking Hound” stuff soon, but I was too excited for the NFL playoffs.

Hope you are having a wonderful 2019, and Go Chiefs!


Tom Brady Photo: Here!


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