6 Simple Steps To Draw the Perfect Heart! | Happy Valentine’s Day!

It is Valentine’s day, where candy, roses and perfectly drawn hearts show the love that people have for each other.  I may not be an expert on what chocolates you should buy, or what flowers should be given…but today I will teach everyone how to draw the perfect heart for your loved ones.  A perfect heart is the ultimate symbol of love, and if you want to see the surprised look on your significant other’s face when they see your perfectly drawn heart, then follow these simple 6 steps:

Editor’s note: This may be a satire…maybe…

Step 1: Draw a “C” that is angled, so that the open side is faced towards the bottom, right corner!



Step 2: Draw another “C” to the right of the other one, except have the open side faced towards the opposite bottom corner.


Step 3: Draw a “V” beneath both C’s


Step 4: Color the Inside of the Heart with some Deep, Dark Red!

tth_heart_4.jpgStep 5: Write Something Romantic that will show your loved one how much you care!

tth_heart_5.jpgStep 6: Top off your perfect valentine by drawing an arrow shot through the middle of your heart!tth_heart_6.jpgThat is how you draw a heart, everyone!  Now go out there and give this to your loved one or crush, and watch their face light up with amazement, as they ask themselves, “Is this the best heart I’ve ever seen?  Is this what True Love looks like?”.  No, no it’s not.

Showing true love is not a bouquet of roses, a box of questionable chocolates, or the perfectly drawn heart!  True love is not all emotion, or a gateway towards something you want.  True love is a commitment to each other.  It is a choice, and more importantly, it is an action.  Love is not only how you feel, but it is what you do.

So giving someone candy is not a bad thing, but take the extra step, and do something meaningful that shows what that other person truly means to you!

Happy Valentine’s Day!  

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