The Little Dog who Sat on the Road | Riddle #7

Hello everyone!  Here is another riddle for all of you to attempt to solve.  This riddle involves a dog, a car, and an interesting town, all components of a good riddle.  By the way, what do you think of the header?  I added a few extra features, and I personally think the mix of drawing and real-life photos looks sharp.  However, my taste in style is not something that should always be trusted.

Anyways, give this riddle a shot:

A small black dog is sitting in the middle of a road in a town.  The town and ground surrounding is painted completely black.  The street lights had been damaged due to a recent rainstorm.  A car starts driving down the road, and is heading right towards the dog.  Both of the car’s headlights are broken, and do not work.  However, at the last second, the car swerve’s around the dog (who stayed sitting), and continues driving on.  Both the car and the dog leave safely and unscathed.

How is this possible?

The dog in the header photo above is adorable, but is not a great depiction of the dog in the riddle, since the dog in the riddle is completely black, and does not have any brown markings.

If you have an answer to this daunting riddle, put it in the comment section below or tweet me: @Mister_Bassett (shameless plus).  I this is not an original riddle, but I found it unique and interesting.

Do you have any suggestions/ideas on what I should do next?  Again, the comment section, twitter and the contact page are all great places to get in touch with me.

Have a great day, and do WLYF!

Look at this Adorable Puppy from the Header Photo: Here!

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