In the Pursuit of Dreams!

Hello, everyone!  How is your Monday going?  Mine is going good.  It has been a little busy, but it has been good!

So normally I write about riddles, mysteries or topics that I find interesting.  However, I wanted to try something a little different then normal.

Since it is Monday, and most people feel a sense of regret and gloom on this day, I wanted to write something about working towards your dreams!  Often times, it can feel like our aspirations get ever more distant, and the grind of life wears us down!

But as Journey sang, “Don’t Stop Believin!”.  So keep on believing!  I wrote this little non-poem about pursuing your dreams:

Life is too special, too important, too unique, to stay inside the same bubble!

Dreams should never stay as just dreams, dreams should become a reality!

It is not easy or quick, to achieve your dreams!

It takes hard work, It takes perseverance!

But what are dreams if they are not pursued?

Unpursued dreams serve no purpose, neither to you or the world!

Pursue your dream or it will be lost!

Work hard, stay determined!

For life won’t wait around!

Your journey awaits!

Don’t settle for mediocracy!

Make your dreams a reality!

I know this is different then what I normally write, I just wanted to mix things up a little bit!  Yes, I know…it is not a poem.

However, keep pursuing your dreams, everyone!  Do not sit around idle when action can be taken today!

Thank you all for sticking around, and I will be back later this week!

Remember, do WLYF!

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