The Tea Shop Mystery | Riddle #8?

Hello everyone, I hope you are all having a great week!  However, I have a slight dilemma.

Normally, I write or find a riddle that is pretty short, and simple.  However, today I have riddle that is on the verge of being considered a “Mystery”.  I have a category for riddles, and a separate category for mysteries.  However, I think I may have wrote something that may be considered both.  This riddle has an answer, but it could also be considered a short story, since it is 233 words long and is more cinematic than most riddles.

I would be interested to hear your thoughts on it.  Would you considered this a riddle or a mystery?  Maybe both?  Again, I am at a stand-still at what it should be called, so the title says riddle, since that is already a current series on The Thinking Hound.

With that being said, enjoy the mystery!

Note:  This mystery is entirely fictitious and is meant for entertainment purposes only.

Two friends, Kate and Jessica, play tennis together.  After playing tennis for awhile, both of them were thirsty, and wanted to buy something to drink.  There was a nearby Tea Shop, and they decided that they should go there to get something to drink.

Both order Iced Tea, since it was a hot day.  Kate was especially thirsty, and drank 4 glasses of Iced Tea in a short amount of time, while Jessica only drank 1 glass of iced tea the entire time they were at the Tea Shop.

Kate and Jessica both get up from the table to leave.  It was getting late, and they both needed to go home.  However, Jessica does not look very well.  Her face is pale, and starts to tremble.  Kate asks if Jessica is okay, and Jessica says that she feels sick, and then collapses to the floor.  Kate screams and checks Jessica’s heart beat…there wasn’t one.  Jessica died.

In a few minutes, police and first responders arrived at the Tea Shop.  After further inspection, the police determined that the iced tea had been poisoned, which is why Jessica had died.  However, not only was Jessica’s iced tea poisoned, but Kate’s iced tea was poisoned as well.  Kate told the police that her stomach was a little achy, but nothing extremely painful or harmful.  Kate did not die and was not immune to the poison.

How did Kate, who drank more iced tea then Jessica, survive the poison?

Do you know what happened at the Tea Shop?  Put your answer in the comment section below!  Again, tell me if you think this is under the category of mystery, riddle or both!  I hope you all have a great weekend, and I will be back Monday!  And remember, do WLYF!

5 thoughts on “The Tea Shop Mystery | Riddle #8?

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  1. You are close…Kate consumed less poison then Jessica, but all of the glasses (Kate’s 4 separate glasses and Jessica’s one) contained roughly the same amount of poison within each cup. How is that possible?

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  2. What if the poison was not originally (but eventually was) in the tea itself, but what if the poison was placed in something else that is served within the tea? Any thoughts?


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