Beyond the Stars! | Riddle #13

Hey everyone!  I am finally back!  I know it has been a few weeks since I last posted.  I was gone in Texas, and was super busy.  However, I am back and ready to be more active than ever!

So what better than to get back into the hang of things than with another, classic riddle?

You cannot see me, hear me, or touch me.  I lie behind the stars and alter what is real, I am what you fear.  Close your eyes and I come near.

What am I?

What do you think?  Put your answer in the comment section below!

I am planning on writing 3 times a week (when possible), every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  Obviously, I do not have the most consistent upload schedule, but we will see if that can change a little bit!  Thanks for waiting and coming back, even though I haven’t posted anything over the last few weeks!

Answer Key to Riddle #12!

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