An Obituary for Mr. Peanut

At 104 years young, Mr. Peanut finally took his last breath.  The face of the Planter brand, as well as 7-time winner of the “Most Handsome Nut” award, Mr. Peanut had a long and impactful life.

As he plummeted to his death, Mr. Peanut provided himself as a sacrifice for his friends.  Within a documented commercial, released by the estate of Mr. Peanut, he officially died from a significant fall and perhaps from an explosion.  Did Mr. Peanut turn into peanut butter?  Who knows?  The gruesome details still remain hidden from the public.

While some people admired Mr. Peanut’s sense of taste, Mr. Peanut was an individual who was feared by millions.

That is right…Mr. Peanut was feared, as much as he was adorn.  Millions of individuals were allergic to the aurora that Mr. Peanut portrayed.  While some are great at causing a reaction within people, Mr. Peanut caused a different kind of reaction within people.

While we will miss our nutty friend, let us look towards the future.  Mr. Peanut may not be roaming the earth, but perhaps his giant monocle is looking at us right now, and he is smiling.

Smiling, knowing that he lived a fulfilling life, and that he left the world a little bit nuttier and saltier than before.

If you can bear it, here is the footage released by Planters, that show what happened to Mr. Peanut.

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