It’s not a piece of Cake! | Riddle #5

Hello everyone, this is my fifth riddle, and I hope you like it.  By “like” it, I mean that you spend hours pondering over your screen, unable to figure out a logical answer.

However, I will be also be happy if it takes you, like, 5 minutes to solve.  I know, high expectations!

Here you go:

I fill your stomach, in many forms I may be,

A part of me may even grow on a tree,

Tasty to most, Although I am no turkey,

Take away one letter, and I will never end,

It makes me unconsumable,

But Nerds can Comprehend,

What am I?

Put your answers or criticisms (I know…turkey and end do not rhyme) in the comment section below.  I’ve got a couple of busy weeks ahead of me, so do not be surprised if my blog schedule goes haywire for the next little bit, although I will definitely try to keep writing over that time.

See y’all in the next post!

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