Music is a Drug! | The Effects of Music!

Don’t do drugs!  

Got it?  Great!

Drugs have a negative connotation in society (less on college campuses), and for good reason.  Drugs are highly addictive, have dangerous mental and physical side effects and can destroy people’s lives.

Drugs are utilized for many different reasons, and people have different motivations for using drugs.  However, some of the largest reasons for drugs is:

  • Stress reliever
  • Increase happiness/satisfaction
  • Pain reducer
  • Help with sleep

However, there is an alternative to drugs, that has a lot of the same physical effects on the body.  It does not have the horrible side effects and will not impact your life as negatively, like drugs do!

No, not playing music, just simply listening to music can act as a drug to our body.  Don’t believe me?  Well, lets see all the ways how music is a danger-free, all-natural drug that we should use more often!

Music Relieves Stress

Feeling stressed?  Of course!  It is a main characteristic of being a human being in the 21st century.  It is claimed that drugs help relieve stress, but do not let the influence of stress drive you to dangerous decisions.  If you want to lower your stress levels, put on some classical music and give it a listen.

There is something in your body called cortisol, which is your main stress hormone.  Most humans have a high level of cortisol in their body, which causes a lot of physical problems.  However, listening to music can decrease your cortisol levels (and thusly, stress).  The type of music is essential, however.  Heavy metal is probably not the best choice when trying to decrease your stress.  However, calmer and more classical styles of music are usually more effective in decreasing your stress hormone.

Music Increases Happiness

Although happiness is usually considered a mental and emotional feeling, there is actually a physical component as well.  Within your body, their is a chemical called ‘Dopamine’!  Dopamine is basically ‘happiness’ in chemical form, and it is made and distributed throughout your body to make you feel good.

Do drugs increase dopamine?  Yes, which is why they can become highly addictive.  Your body actually craves dopamine, which is why when you do something that is happy-inducing makes you want to do it again.

Lucky for us, we do not have to turn to horrible drugs for dopamine.  Music is proven to increase dopamine within individuals.  That is why music is able to make us dance and swing to the music.  Music increases dopamine in our brain, and can make us feel more satisfied.

Music is a Painkiller 

We often hear in the movies and from athletes that drugs “help with the pain”.  However, simply listening to your favorite jams can decrease pain as well.  While the pain will not disappear, our perception of pain decreases when listening to music.  The theory behind this phenomenon is that the nerves and central nervous system responds to music, and thusly ‘distracts’ the body from the pain being experienced.

Music Improves your Sleep

If you are tired of not being tired, then music is the solution for you!

While music can help motivates you in the gym, it can also help you in bed…….for sleeping.  Listening to classical music for 45 minutes before sleep made individuals sleep significantly in one study.  So you do not need to get high or drunk to fall asleep, only some sweet, sweet Mozart and Bach to dream the night away!

And that is why music is a drug!  What do you think?  Put your thoughts in the comment section below, and thank you so much for supporting the blog!  I will be back later this week (hopefully), and now I am going to get my dosage of music for the day!

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