Father’s Day is Always Awkward!

Hey everyone!  This weekend is a special weekend for some, since it marks the day of the year where we celebrate our fathers!  Yay?

Do not get me wrong…I think that Fathers deserve more respect and recognition in our society than they do currently.  I am blessed to have had an amazing father when I grew up, especially when good Fathers seem to becoming rarer and less common.

What I am trying to say is, Father’s are important and should have there own holiday!

But, lets call a spade a spade, and admit it…

…Fathers Day is always a little awkward!

Why is it awkward?  Well, I thought it over, and think that it comes down to 3 main reasons!  Forgetting, unpreparedness, and connection.

First of all, we all forget about Father’s Day until the week before.  Usually it is a Wednesday, and I am driving back home and all of a sudden, I hear on the radio an advertisement for Father’s Day.
This jolts my memory…for a little bit.  In a couple hours, I will completely forget about Father’s Day and continue on with my day.  However, about everyday something will remind me for a brief second that the holiday is soon, and then I will forget again.

And so the cycle of remembering and forgetting continues…

I think that is one reason why the holiday can become awkward.  We are not prepared for it, and feel sort of surprised by the holiday.  We usually get the gift the night before, and never know which restaurant to eat at!  Since there is no strict traditions on Father’s Day (unlike Christmas and Thanksgiving), we are always unprepared.

This unpreparedness makes Father’s Day awkward as well.

However, perhaps the main reason why the holiday is awkward is because it is for our dads.

Whether you like it or not, and believe it is a stereotype, men (especially fathers) are expected to be the providers of the family, and thusly, are usually at work a lot and are discouraged from being ‘too’ emotional.

This can make it awkward for a child or a spouse to say that they appreciate their father (or husband).  The emotional connection usually is a little different, and the almost exaggerated holiday ‘Thank You” just make it awkward.

You still appreciate everything your father has done for you, but that doesn’t mean that having a holiday that explicitly makes you confront this fact a little bit strange.

Not that there is anything wrong with Father’s Day, but it usually has its awkward moments.  Can Father’s Day become better?  Who knows?  It wouldn’t be a holiday if it wasn’t awkward.

However, I think it is important to recognize that Father’s Day is important.  We should never take our father’s for granted and should make sure that father’s realize that they are appreciated.

I hope you all have a great weekend and happy Father’s Day…and do WLYF!

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