Hats on Animals? | Riddle #15

New week, new riddle!  It is that time again to put our wits to work with a new riddle that involves animals with hats (adorable).  See if you can figure out how many hats are needed in this newest riddle!

You walk down a street in the city and see Farmer Tom.  Farmer Tom is a little strange, but is friendly enough.  Farmer Tom hardly ever comes to town, and prefers to stay in the country on his farm.  You walk up to Farmer Tom and ask him what he is doing in town.  Farmer Tom tells you that he is buying a hat for each of his animals.  You ask Tom how many hats he is going to buy, and he tells you he is buying 1 hat per animal, and that he owns a few animals.  Farmer Tom than asked you this question:
“How many animals do I own if all but 3 are dogs, all but 3 are cats, all but 3 are horses, and all but 3 are cows?”

How many hats would Farmer Tom have to buy to give each one of his animals a single hat?

Put your answers in the comment section below!  If you have any suggestions or puzzles you would like to see in the future, let me know!  I hope you all have an amazing week and remember to do WLYF!

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