The Myth of “More Free Time”

Where did the time go? This year has been the faster and slowest year that I have ever experienced. 2020 has basically become an exaggeration of real life. If everything that has occurred in 2020 was placed into a TV show, the top descriptions for the show would be “totally unrealistic” and “too much drama”.

Basically…2020 has been a lot…for all of us.

However, I do not wish to recap or complain about the entire year. I wish to discuss something I experienced during the era of lockdowns and quarantines. Businesses were closed, activities cancelled, zoom meetings increased, stress magnified, etc. Life seemingly was and still has in some instances, been paused. I believe most of us have not been overjoyed by the shutdown of everything (not to mention other more serious situations).

However, there has been one benefit that most of us experienced during the time of lockdowns and quarantines.

Most of us had…




While not all of us lost jobs, most of us (with the exception of, perhaps, a few) saw our scheduled activities dissipate compared to previous years. And because humanity was banned from doing almost anything, most of us had more free time.

Now, when I realized I had more free time, I was excited. “I will accomplish so much,” I said to myself. Now that I was forced to not do any activities that I would have done previously, I thought that I had no excuse to not complete the productive tasks and dream activities that I had put off for far too long! This would be a year of completing things!

However, that did not happen…

Even though I experienced extra “free time”, I found out that I was not significantly more productive than in the past. I would predict that if the pandemic had not struck the world, I would have completed mostly the same tasks I have now.

Now, I am sure that YOU, fine reader, were productive with any extra time you had from the result of the pandemic. While I was bathing in the sewage of time waste, you probably wrote that new book, learned how to play the saxophone, worked out daily, or even learned how to paint with water colors. I am, indeed, proud of my community for their accomplishments.

However, for the majority of people who are not overachievers, I think there was a similar experience. We had extra time, but we did not accomplish that much extra…


Why are humans not always productive with more time. For example, when the lockdowns started, almost everyone said that they were going to “get fit” and look amazing. However, very few actually accomplished this goal.

It seems as if everyone complains about not having enough time. Perhaps the greatest excuse utilized by humans is not a lack of inability, but a lack of time.

However, when people were granted their “wish” to have more free time, we squandered it. Instead of chasing dreams, we chased fast food. Instead of learning, we argued. Instead of achieving, we reverted.

People do not need more time to achieve their dreams or be what they want to be. Time does not change habits, attitudes, emotions, or aspirations. Hope, inspiration, determination can all impact a person’s actions, aspirations and emotions. People who do not have hope or inspiration will not achieve much. Without determination and hope, time merely passes. I believe most people did not achieve greatness this year, because there was not much to hope for, strive for, or inspire from…

Time will continue to pass, just like this year will soon end. Find a reason to be hopeful. Find determination and inspiration, it will not find you. It is much easier said then done, as the lack of a post schedule for this blog proves.

It is always a work in progress.

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