Taste the Cost? | Riddle #4

Mamma Mia!  Here we go again!  Here is another brain riddle for all of you to think about this week!  I had to go to town this week with a friend, and it made me think about this riddle.  Can you solve it?


Two fathers and two sons decide to drive into town to have a good time.  However, they needed to stop by a gas station, because the car was almost out of fuel.  They started to fill up the vehicle, and decided that they needed some beverages.  They walk into the store, and find out that all drinks cost $1.25.  Each person buys a single drink, and checkout.  All of the beverages costs, in total, $3.75.  How is this possible?


Do you know the answer?  Put your best guess in the comment section below, and if you have a riddle, puzzle, or topic that you would like to see me write about, contact me through the contact page, or the comments below!  Have a wonderful week!

8 thoughts on “Taste the Cost? | Riddle #4

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    1. You are actually close, so here is a *Cryptic* clue:
      Within your comment lies the answer,
      That can solve this riddle’s logic,
      First two right, last three wrong,
      Each person got one beverage delight,
      None devoid, none extra,
      Only possible with specific relations.

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