A Stress-filled Lifestyle! | Why in Today’s Society, Being Overwhelmed is the New Norm!

I have just realized that there is not enough time in a day to do everything I want or need to do.  I am currently taking a few college courses, have a few speeches that need writing, and research that needs to be done over the next week, and I am all stressed out.  This is not the first time I have felt overwhelmed, and it will not be the last.

I think we have all felt overwhelmed, at one time or another.  However, I think that it is more prevalent than ever to feel this way.  In modern times, we see people doing a million things, like doing college, working a part-time job at Chick-fil-a, participating in a rec. league, writing a book, dating, social media engineering and volunteering at the local rescue shelter, all at the same!  With the advances in transportation and the internet, people now can travel to more places, and learn more about anything they want.

With all of these advances in technology and information, why are people overwhelmed, and stressed for time?  You would think that with the increased ease of access to anything, that this would save time, and make people less stressed…but it does not.

I believe that this is the case, because of…

Increased Opportunities

With technology taking over the world (basically), and connections to the entire world, careers and people taking less time, and becoming more readily available, this has created a lot more opportunities for individuals.  50 years ago, most people only had a few career or hobby choices to choose from (for the most part).  Depending on where a person lived, and what family you were, determined how many options you had, and what resources were at your disposal.  However, now, it is not quite that way.  Even though location and pedigree still are some factors in the opportunities that people have, those opportunities have increased dramatically.  Now, people can study for a college degree, even if they are not near a college.  People can apply to jobs miles away, learn about events, and can even write and draw random stuff online (not that anyone would ever do that last one…obviously).  There are more opportunities, which means…

Individuals Do More Activities

With the increase in opportunity, allows for the increase in activity.  A person may have been satisfied being a manager at a retail store 30 years ago, but now an individual can be a manager, an online disc jokey, and creative Pinterest influencer.  We are told that we can be anything you want to be, which means, that people try to be everything that they want to be, even if that is physically, mentally, or talent-ly impossible.  Nobody has a single interest, and feel that if you dedicate your entire life to a single career, that you have not lived life to the fullest.

Time has stayed the same

With people jumping at more opportunities, trying to do more, and better things, there is often one thing people have forgotten…While opportunities, and activities have increased, time has not.  Yes, you can make the point that people may live a few years older now, than they did decades ago, but it is basically the same.  People partake in more and more activities, and yet, do not have the time to do each efficiently, and to its full potential.  No wonder people are stressed, and overwhelmed.  They are trying to do ten times more stuff, within the same amount of time.

So what does this mean?  Should we stop doing activities, and become a hermit in a wooden shack on top of a mountain?  Maybe, but I do not believe that is the answer for me, and probably not for you, either.  When we become stressed, and feel overwhelmed, we should take a step back, and look at everything that we are doing.  Ask, “Is it necessary?”.  Sometimes, we put more burdens and tasks on ourselves that we do not even realize.  Our minds create fake timetables, and standards that are not realistic, or helpful.

Basically, all I am saying is relax…do not let emotions stack on top of emotions…and look at the problem at hand.  Focus on that credit card statement that is due tomorrow, and forget about the dinner you have to prepare for the 15 people visiting your house next week.  Take activities one at a time, and stop multi-tasking out of your control.

Maybe you do not have this problem.  Perhaps, this is more for me.  However, keep this in mind if you are feeling overwhelmed…

Now stop reading this post, and get back to work!


6 thoughts on “A Stress-filled Lifestyle! | Why in Today’s Society, Being Overwhelmed is the New Norm!

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  1. I feel very annoyed at myself for how many completely unnecessary tasks I have stupidly piled onto my to-do list. But your post cheers me up! I have come to similar conclusions. Another thing I have tested and learned: the experts were right. I should not have published my goals. Now I have no desire to complete them!

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