Betting on a Coin Flip | Riddle #16

Hello everyone!  I am sorry for not writing for an entire week!  It sort of happened, and there really is not excuse for my lack of posts.  I hope your weekend was great, mine was mostly catching up on some college classes.  With that being said, I hope to be more active this week, and as always, lets start off the week with another riddle:

Me and you decide to have a bet.  The bet is based on a coin flip.  We are going to flip a coin 20 times, and here are the rules of the bet:

  • Every time heads is flipped, you pay me $4.
  • Every time tales is flipped, I pay you $6.

However, after flipping the coin 20 times, we do not exchange any money.  How is that possible?

This is just a simple riddle, putting all of that math skills to work (see?  Your parents were right, math is utilized in all walks of life).  Put your answer in the comment section below, and remember, do WLYF!

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